Breakfast Glory

As your having your breakfast, why not compliment it with a sermon from different people of God. The encouragement you needed for the day might be packaged in that word. Family Television brings you this sermon every morning from 8am – 9am.


When the grown ups have left for work at 9am. It’s kids time to control the remote. Worry not about what they will find because Family Television has put together great stuff like Cartoons, kids music and movies for them, everyday from 9am – 12pm.

The Lunch Mix

Why not listen to your favourite songs while enjoying a delicious meal. Send in your song(Be it local or International ) request, via whatsapp on the number that will be running on the Screen every noon to 2pm during the LUNCH BEAT SHOW.

Inspiring Movies

Are you tired of watching movies that are full of violence, that is, killings, Drug Abuse, immorality, name it, Family Television has a collection of Christian movies that will inspire, educate and entertain you. Therefore let no one interrupt your movie time as you catch it on CINEMA ZONE, daily from 2pm – 5pm.

Riddim Up

Many gospel Artists in Uganda have complained about luck of enough Air Play. This is going to be a problem of the past as Family Television has set aside this space strictly for Ugandan gospel music. Incase your favourite song has not been played, request for it via whatsapp and it will be sorted.

Time for Reflection

During the day, we error and a need a moment to reflect and repent of our sins. More still, some things stress us and we need a moment with God. Family Television will air church services during this programme and we believe they will help you.